December 15, 2010

Campanha de Natal TemaHome

Na compra de uma Mesa de Jantar,Centro ou de Apoio oferta de um candeeiro Leaf
Consulte as condições da promoção para compras online.

December 3, 2010

1ª Edição Culturália 2010

A TemaHome esteve presente no na 1ª edição da mostra de produtos Portuguese - Culturália.
Este é um evento que tem como objectivo promover as marcas portuguesas dentro e fora de Portugal.

September 30, 2010

TemaHome 2010 Catalog

You will find a world of modern furniture design.
The TemaHome 2010 Catalog is now available for download @

September 22, 2010

Associa-te a TemaHome no Príncipe Real Live

Se és Designer e gostarias de expor as tuas criações, associa-te connosco ao evento Príncipe Real Live que irá decorrer de 21 a 23 de Outubro.

Para isso só tens que nos enviar fotos das peças para o e-mail para até 8 de Outubro e nós faremos a selecção do melhor projecto para apresentar na Loja TemaHome que irá contar com muita animação ao longo dos 3 dias!

Aceitas o desafio? Para mais informações, contacta-nos através do e-mail ou por telefone para o 213 472 248.

August 18, 2010

Campanha de saldos TemaHome

De 18 de Agosto até 15 de Setembro campanha de descontos online.
Descontos de 25 a 40%, não percam esta oportunidade em

July 22, 2010

Finding the equilibrium between metal and stone, the Moon table's versatility is key when mounting a sensible setup. Round marble tops, different finishes and heights make it possible to conjugate two or more tables together seamlessly.

July 16, 2010

JJ coffee Table

Their minimalistic and innovative design turns these pieces into originals that can be combined in numbers to create a unique effect.
The coffee table ability to combine two or more units makes it the perfect center table for larger areas.

Designed by acclaimed British designer John Jenkins, these products are inconspicuous objects that can adapt to any living room.

July 9, 2010

The Creation of an Icon

The “Sardinha” was recovered from ancient moulds and it samples with accuracy the sardine captured in the Portuguese coast.

A new breed and recreation of an icon of our genuine tradition.
This packaging made of rock salt is built from a hand made process based on the technique used to do the salt cheeses produced in rock salt mines of Rio Maior.

The main purpose for this packaging is to have functionality more than being a décor. You can choose to keep the piece as it is or use it - as this salt is proper to cook.

Drifting from their ordinary use we added value both to the salt and the sardine which are two important Portuguese cultural landmarks.

Packaging design by Luis Nascimento

Rock Salt Mines

The rock salt mines dated from 1977, in Rio Maior, are one of the most important references for this region. They are unique in Portugal and they are still in labour. The water becomes salty as an underground stream of freshwater crosses the deep rock salt mine.
The salt extracted from this mine is pure salt (97.94% sodium chloride).
The famous salt cheeses, designated as because of their format remembering a cheese, are typical from this region. The salt cheeses replace the common salt jars. In its place is the salt cheese in a small plate which is scraped producing small pieces used to cook or season.

April 5, 2010

To be the best in what we are good

April is fast approaching and the and so the Salone in Milan.
After settling for some years the design in our new collections we developed personality and identity. Besides being a lifestyle furniture manufacturer we became a trademark that offers simple products with careful and modern design. Once more we will present a collection that offers unique details that range from premium wooden finishes to colourful fabrics applied to simple but very special pieces.
Modern, fashion and stylish are some of the adjectives we can use to classify our new selection of products.
We will also be, again, as a part of the Portugal Brands exhibition. Created in July 2008, the Portugal Brands initiative aims represent Portugal, as the country opens up to world design influences. The mission is to be recognized as a reference in the promotion of Portugal´s most notorious brands in our industry. That alone is another proof of our commitment to be always forward thinking.

Challenge your IQ in Milan and come to meet us there!

March 9, 2010

Aurora Bedroom - Chocolate

The Aurora bedroom is a collection of inspirational pieces that have a pure design pedigree and combine strong aesthetics with essential practicality. Its smooth modern lines serve urban spaces well but also match larger rooms with the addition of complementary elements.

March 2, 2010

Online Outlet Store

A Outlet Store encontra-se agora disponível no mercado Português, onde encontrará alguns dos nossos melhores produtos a preços imbatíveis.
Não perca esta oportunidade em….

February 11, 2010

The Panorama family is growing up!

For the 2010 collection, one of our most iconic products, the Panorama designed by Inês Martinho, will bring a new finish and new dimensions. The inspiration behind the design was to create shelving that fit most people's needs. Rather than creating static sized shelves, each section has an assortment of shelf sizes allowing you to be creative in what is stored within. It creates a real solution to combine odd size objects to your average CD stack, not to mention the cool visual effect it brings to any wall.

Initially available in white, the New Year will bring a black version that can be easily combined with the Valley Wall System (now available in black) to create the perfect solution for your living room. Another new feature for 2010, it’s the availability of a new dimension: 60 cm wide by 168 cm high by 23 cm deep (23.6” W x 66” H x 9” D) that either stand directly in the floor or hanged in the wall like the short version. With 168 cm (66”) of height, you can make a very functional room divider by placing two units standing back to back.

January 30, 2010

The Babies are here!!!

“Inspired by the Handle stool which was initially developed to install "the perfect skin" concept, presented at the 2000 "essere Ben Essere, Triennalle" in Milan, the Baby Handle is a variation of its original, made of wood and covered with fabric featuring a handle loop facilitating its transport and allowing you to hang it on a wall or hat rack.”

January 29, 2010

2 days to go!!!

Come visit us in Vegas!
World Market Place
February 1st to 5th - Showrrom B718