February 11, 2010

The Panorama family is growing up!

For the 2010 collection, one of our most iconic products, the Panorama designed by Inês Martinho, will bring a new finish and new dimensions. The inspiration behind the design was to create shelving that fit most people's needs. Rather than creating static sized shelves, each section has an assortment of shelf sizes allowing you to be creative in what is stored within. It creates a real solution to combine odd size objects to your average CD stack, not to mention the cool visual effect it brings to any wall.

Initially available in white, the New Year will bring a black version that can be easily combined with the Valley Wall System (now available in black) to create the perfect solution for your living room. Another new feature for 2010, it’s the availability of a new dimension: 60 cm wide by 168 cm high by 23 cm deep (23.6” W x 66” H x 9” D) that either stand directly in the floor or hanged in the wall like the short version. With 168 cm (66”) of height, you can make a very functional room divider by placing two units standing back to back.

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Furniture removal said...

It is absolutely beautiful. I love its elegance. Very stylish.