June 29, 2009

BCT wins DOPE award

Our contracting partner BCT just had his website recognized by the DOPE award.
Congratulations RUI and Staff.

VIVAIN Portugal Happy hour webcast

VIVA IN Portugal is one of those initiatives one can let pass. Their portal promotes quality living in Portugal, a destination that is no stranger for British, Dutch and German lovers of quality lifestyle and is consistently growing its reputation across Europe. The website is vivainportugal.com and it features some amazing resorts like real estate. The portal allows you select resorts based on personal preference and profile, such as "Golfing", "Dining", "Arts" and many other choices.
Check it out!

As quality lifestyle partners, we had the opportunity to be featured in their very first happy hour the ever webcast.

You can see the entire webcast in the VivaIN youtube channel

June 27, 2009

Two Campanas are better then one!

After receiving the 2009 design revelation award by the IADE, designer Inês Martinho had a chance to visit the latest exhibit at the Vitra Design Museum about the work of the Campana brothers. The exhibition is called "ANTIBODIES - The Works of Fernando & Humberto Campana 1989 - 2009" and will stay at the museum until February 2010 before it goes on tour.

June 26, 2009

Imagens de Marca (Portuguese Branding program)

Portuguese TV power house SIC, through its consumer oriented program entitled "Imagens de Marca" (literally translating: brand images), recently visited the ICFF tradeshow in New York and singled out TemaHome as a Portuguese reference in terms of branding and marketing. The feature has parts in Portuguese and parts in English. Enjoy!

June 23, 2009

“Break on through to the other side”

(Article by CEO Stephan Morais, TemaHome Newsletter May 2009)

"Unprecedented" is a word we all look forward to use now and again. It denotes, essentially, success at one’s work, the culmination of an effort to better something that was not thought it could be achieved at first. TemaHome, like previously discussed here, has worked hard to become the first globally recognized Portuguese brand in its field, and in reality, our name is significantly more acknowledged internationally by competitors, clients and the media than we reckoned before.

Our media exposure this year is definitely deserving of the term “unprecedented”, although last year we averaged one piece of news per day bearing the TemaHome brand (essentially in Portugal). Up until the build-up to the Salone in Milan last month, we had gathered a very positive number of articles featuring TemaHome, reaching as far and diverse countries as Sweden, Poland, Bulgaria, Russia, China and many others in Europe and the USA. Some articles were not even witnessed by us, rather being recounted to us by clients all over the world.
Interesting to note is that personal and specialized blogs are now also inside the scope of any company willing to gauge its popularity towards the general public. This new type of media, too, has been a successful channel of divulgation for Temahome, through its authors and representatives.

For Portuguese furniture designers, this is unprecedented as well. The basic guideline for us to get where we are at present has always been serious work and dedication on how we present our products as Portuguese-made, high quality creations. These are the fundamental factors with which we can be granted respect from the international design community, traditionally very skeptical and demanding, due to its specialized knowledge of the inner workings of its market.

For that reason, we will always try to set our own tone, rather than follow others. There are, undoubtedly, aspects to be improved, and our creative team has been meeting constantly to determine what awaits in 2010. New products, extensive participation in worldwide events, partnerships with global entities, more interactivity online; this is all part of our day-to-day conversations.

It is these achievements, big or small, and your support, that keep us motivated.

Kind regards,
Stephan Morais.
(twitter StephanMorais)

June 22, 2009

TemaHome goes free 3D

Clients, customers and fans of TemaHome design can now download a wealth of our products in 3D format free of charge via Google 3D warehouse. The system comprises a collection of furniture, objects and even buildings that can be download in 3D format and used both in the easy-to-use free Google Sketch-up software and at professional 3D applications. Have fun!

June 21, 2009

Stylesight New York Online Magazine

Stylesight is a team of seasoned and accomplished industry insiders whose extensive careers traverse the fields of fashion design, trend analysis, forecasting, reporting, merchandising and apparel manufacturing. They understand the business of fashion and fashion as a business. We met them last April at the Milan show where they interview our Marketing Manager Fabio Scala. Here is the complete article:

Profile: TemaHome
TemaHome is a Portuguese interior furnishings company that strives to provide the best in contemporary design to reflect the individuality of their customers. TemaHome was established in 1981, at a time when Norwegians and Portuguese united to form the "Portuguese Norema", which united Scandinavian technology with Iberian design. Their slogan "Living Your Dreams" expresses their mission to provide modern designs for a contemporary lifestyle. TemaHome offers three distinct lines including: Essence – which features modern designs for everyday solutions, Style – focusing on detail-oriented design, and Trends – their most exclusive line. Led by CEO Stephan Morais, TemaHome's team of talented designers aims to deliver products to customers who enjoy even the smallest details in life and who are not afraid to create interior spaces that reflect their personality.

(Fabio Scala, TemaHome's Marketing Manager)

Q. When and how was TemaHome established?
A. The company was established in 1981 as a joint venture between Portuguese and Norwegian investors. Initially, the idea was to combine Scandinavian technology with fine Portuguese craftsmanship. Over the course of the years, the company has supplied many of the world's largest retailers such as IKEA, which resulted in a constant increase in manufacturing technology. The company!s ownership changed several times over the course of its history and
included some of the most respected investment companies in Europe. In 2006, with the arrival of our current CEO, Mr. Stephan Morais, the ownership became 100% Portuguese. The new CEO brought a strategy focused on design excellency and brand recognition. The brand name TemaHome was born and the company began to work with the top names in Portuguese design while also developing its own team of internal designers that encompasses the best
young talents in the country.

Q. How would you define the design aesthetic of TemaHome?
A. In two words, minimalist design. While we have a Scandinavian heritage due to the company!s foundation, our creations present a clear line that can both dictate the style of a room or blend in just as well with an urban-chic setting. Our designers are very passionate about their creations and are obsessed with the idea of delivering products that will fit the everyday lives of our customers.

Q. TemaHome has an interesting group of international product and interior designers - how does this unique team ensure and reflect the mission of TemaHome? A. Our mission is to become a global brand in a globalized world. Our challenge however, is to keep the same strong identity that made us a favorite among consumers in all the 45 countries we do business in. The essence of our identity lies on our enthusiastic group of designers; not every professional can adjust to an Asian mentality in the morning and re-touch something for the US market in the afternoon. Ultimately, our eclectic group of professionals ensures that the products bearing the brand name TemaHome are appreciated across the world.

Q. What are some of the strategies that TemaHome uses to combat these tough economic times? How does TemaHome reinvent itself or invigorate its product assortment?
A. While the global crisis is certainly taking a toll on every company in our industry, our current management team made a name for itself by finding the silver lining in every breakpoint situation. We understand that everyone is affected by the economy and therefore, both consumers and retailers rapidly became more selective of their everyday choice. Our answer to this was to create a number of actions that place TemaHome at the forefront of our clients! minds. By aggressively communicating with the end-consumer, we were able to spark a subtle demand for our products in stores in every key market. Next, we introduced a gallery concept that promotes the sale of complete solutions (rather than single items), placing our brand name at a strategic position in stores and making the system so aggressive and appealing to the stores that, as we have been told, they became unrivaled in the marketplace.

Q. How does TemaHome hope to inspire and influence the global interior design market? A. Above everything, all of us at TemaHome are passionate about design and fine living. Every time we see a product feature in a magazine, at a friend's house or at a reference store in a foreign country, we feel a sense of accomplishment that is second only to our will to be part of contemporary living. In 2008, we introduced a line of rugs to our collection. Now, in 2009, we venture into the area of lighting and accessories with the introduction of the LEAF light fixture and the AURORA mirrors to complement our hit bedroom sets. Our goal is to deliver complete solutions that breathe and represent lifestyle. We are in love with fine living and our pledge is to deliver choices to individuals sharing this passion all over the world.

12 hours downtown (12 horas na baixa)

Portuguese design became a case for the Police (not really!) last weekend when the creative staff of the Portugal Brands initiative had an exhibition at a space downtown Porto, with key items from the associated brands. Cool stuff!

For more, visit their web site at www.portugalbrands.pt

June 9, 2009

Happy birthday IADE

40 years and counting! The IADE Creative University completed 40 years of operations last May and TemaHome's CEO Stephan Morais was one of the keynote speaker for the gala ceremony that took place at the Lisbon Congress Center.

IADE is Portugals best design and marketing university and it is notoriously known for producing some of the countries design "top guns" that spread the image of Lusitania design worldwide.

We are very proud to be associated with a higher learning institution that, without question, is a fundamental element in the promotion of the Portuguese design.

Happy 40th birthday from all of us at the TemaHome family.