July 31, 2009

Karim is in the house!

Not often one has the opportunity to witness, never the less to participate in the creation of something new and exciting. In that note, I wanted to officially welcome one of the greatest names the design world has ever met into our family. Karim Rashid. A living legend, Karim has created over 3000 designs in production today in some 35 countries and for the very first time he will be working with a Portuguese furniture brand. Karim is the first international name to be integrated in our hall of designers as we ready ourselves for the development of our 2010 collection. We are honored that he accepted to work with us after reviewing our showcase of the Lisbon Collection in New York’s ICFF and truly feel that his interest in working with us is yet another proof that we are on the right track. Karim is known for his passion for democratic design and often attends to conferences globally disseminating the importance of design in everyday life. With a knowhow that crosses every design boundary and typology, we are certain that Karim's creation for TemaHome will be a remarkable success.

July 15, 2009

July 10, 2009

We love Grace Hilton

We just came across a very nice blog that became one of our favorites at a glance. Grace Hilton Interior Design managed by Sarah brings a whisper of good design, from furniture to home accents to architecture on daily basis.

Thanks to HOLD IT participation on the Dwell on Design LA, Sarah was introduced to the Handle by Fernando Brizio and we discover this wonderful source of design on the web.

Thanks Sarah!

July 7, 2009

Flickr is back!

You can now browse all of TemaHome imagery at our recently published flickr page:


July 5, 2009

EXIL Berlin

Berlin has a new space for design aficionados and lovers of good lifestyle. From top furniture design brands to cool, hype decoration objects, EXIL has everything to satisfied the interior designer in all of us.

Located in an impressive 6000 square meters lot featuring 2 former factories divided by a promenade, the store has many floors, each featuring a different style of home decoration.

But that's not all! What really will get you going is the combination of different elements EXIL managed to bring together in the space. A very cool restaurant, a cigar bar, a winery and...
A BEACH! No, this is not a typo! On the back, the lot ends a the margin of the Spree river and the owners brought tons of sand to make it into a beach spaces where you can sip a martini in the afternoon under the light of garden torches. Truly a treat!

July 3, 2009

Zenith: A new breed of modular systems

Modular systems have been around for a very long time and not very often one has the opportunity to witness the birth of something really innovative. The Zenith, design by Délio Vicente brings a new perspective into this area. Made in two distinct sets that can be combine into a number of compositions, this system can be used both as a shelving system or as a true room divider thanks to its generous height.

The elements in the Zenith are arranged in a grill pattern composed by equal orthogonal spaces resulting in a good formula to organize objects. In line with the latest trends, the system distorts the conventional way in which traditional systems work and delivery a dazzling visual effect expressing a strong design identity.

From every angle you get a different view and thus, a distinct ambiance to the room. The distance between each shelving respects fixed coordinates following the M32 metric production using the Fibonacci spiral adding character to the product. Add all that to the cute acrylic color drawers and you have truly a new breed of modular systems.

July 2, 2009

Images from Dwell on Design LA 09

Thanks for HOLDIT Contemporary Home, one of the coolest home design stores on the west coast, the visitors to the LA Dwell on Design had a chance to see the Portuguese design creations of the Lisbon Collection.

Thank you Mike & A! You guys are great!

ABC HOME - New York

New Yorkers can now order all of the TemaHome collection at ABC HOME , a
iconic store at 19th street and Broadway. ABC HOME is the first store to have a gallery in the city that never sleeps and is known for carrying the world's best brand names in design.