April 27, 2012

Moodboard @ The Office - Summer Hits Preview

At the office we like to share ideas. So, we've decided to post our moodboards to share with you too.

This one here is the Work In Progress for our campaign "Summer Hits Preview".

The brief was: 
Summer = Being Out = News = Communicate = Who's Far 

The Concept was: 

Summer is indeed away, but what we propose to offer is the 4 products by TemaHome that we believe are going to be a MUST HAVES.

The excel sheet is the result of the questionnaire we did with all the Area Managers.
Scratches all over are the Designers brainstorm.
The old postcard was the inspiration by Eliana. It is dated from 1974 and she found it inside a book she bought in a  flee market in Lisbon.
Yves Saint Laurent clutch was the inspiration to draw a contemporary postcard.
A few more scratches. We love it.

April 26, 2012


For more details, please contact us via FaceBook

April 19, 2012

Panorama Styled by You

Styling our space is always tricky, isn't it? Sometimes I wonder if what we see in magazines is real life or if it is only for the picture, don’t you?

Well, we thought it could be nice to share with you all a "real picture" with "real objects" in a "real house".

This Panorama  belongs to one of our customers. She calls it “the vertical box” because it reminds her a jewelry box and its asymmetrical spaces for rings, bracelets and other precious objects. Interesting, isn’t it?

What about you? Do you have TemaHome’s products? We would love to see pictures of it. Submit them here we will be delighted to share them here.

To buy it online, click the on the following countries:

April 10, 2012

Air – A Chic Shelving Unit

Sometimes I wonder what really makes a product chic?
What is it chic, anyway?

Well, it has to do with confidence, don’t you think?
So, how can a product have attitude then? What’s its language?

I think the Air has it. The mix of forms, colours and materials make it confident enough to know however we display a bunch of modules, it will always feel right.

Product Styling

A Few Compositions

Few More

Technical Information

Feel free to contact usshould you require more information @ Contacts

April 4, 2012

TemaHome @ Heals and Evening Standard, London.

Last week, Eliana Tomás (our UK Account Manager) went to London to visit a few clients (and of course to say hello to a few friends as she lived in the Capital for over 5 years). In between visits and buse rides, she got the ES Magazine, apparently one of her "must haves".

Surprise surprise! Tema's product has been featured in it.

Panorama Shelving Unit @ Heals.
Available in two sizes.