February 26, 2009


Lisbon has welcomed the Handle family with enthusiasm and bewilderment. We took them for a tour around this ever so charming city, and judging by the people's looks, they are bound to be an instant hit!! Check out some of the pictures!





Rafael Carvalho reporting from Lisbon, TemaHome's HQ.

February 17, 2009


Rather than just displaying one or two pieces of our furniture together with a few catalogues, we will encourage shop-owners to create a self-contained “TemaHome shop” inside their own shops, and hopefully add to the retailer’s space that little something we have always tried to do: be close and personal towards customers!

In order to aid retailers maximise our product’s visibility, we have also designed a variety of different promotional structures bearing the TemaHome image (catalogue totems, wall and desk signs and displays) to figure alongside our galleries and have you feel welcomed to our home, enabling them to become fully adaptable to seasons and specific items.

Expect to find our TemaHome concept present in more and more shop spaces around the world!

February 12, 2009


Already available on our YouTube channel, the first of the "making of" videos from The Lisbon Collection's promotional photoshoot, featuring the Gem table, by Filipe Alarcão! With photographs by Carlos Ramos and Fashion by Ana Salazar, it is an unprecedented encounter of fine design, style and genius.

More making of videos will be uploaded soon, so keep up with our updates!

Live from Vegas

(By Daniel Da Silva)

Despite the difficult economic moment in the US, the traffic in the show is flowing and while not as much as the last edition, we risk to say that the public is about 85% of the past years.
Buyers are a lot more careful on their selection but the our new products are calling a lot of attention,. Enough to bring the LA Times and a wealth of journalist like we never experienced before.

Among the show stoppers, the handle stools and the prairie wall system were the big winners.

- Daniel

February 7, 2009

Change is really coming to America!!!

And you can see it at the TemaHome headquarters at this years Las Vegas World Market Center.
February 9th to 13th. See you there!!!

February 5, 2009

Chocolate for dinner?

Successfully uniting two seemingly diverging designs – classic and modern – the Dusk chocolate dining set was intended to differentiate a room and set it free from any stereotyped designations. Rather than being marked by one single characteristic, it brings the attention to the smallest details, from the laser-cut precision of the four square-top table to the thicker outer elements of the sideboard. A combined creation of designers Filipe Alarcão and Délio Vicente, it makes for a pleasant ambient with dazzling and yet subtle effects, whatever perspective you see it from.

February 3, 2009


Since January 2009, we have upgraded the look and reach of our Living your Dreams newsletter. It will now include, besides English, translated versions in German, Portuguese, French and - from February - Spanish.

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