October 24, 2009

TemaHome wins the 2009 DME award

In a ceremony in Eindhoven - Holland, the company was awarded the prestigious DME – Design Management Europe Award in recognition for overall excellence in design management.

The DME is Europe’s business award recognizing the skills and leadership of management to implement design in their business for commercial success. According to the organization, “design is one of Europe's greatest resources and is rapidly being recognized as a key element of innovative and successful businesses”.

(In the Picture Stephan Morais, CEO; Alice Teles, Sales Director, Fabio Scala, Marketing Manager; Kathryn Best, author of the award winning book Design Management)

Companies and organizations across Europe are challenged annually to demonstrate how design is integrated in their strategy, management and processes to achieve commercial gains. Past winners have included Walter Knoll, Loewe, Bosch and Virgin Atlantic.

Recognition of excellent quality and successful design management

TemaHome will now participate in a (traveling) exhibition introducing their use of Design Management to both the public and the media.

October 22, 2009

Clean, Simple and Affordable

Sometimes creating the perfect mood for a living room is simpler than we think. While modular systems have always been seem as a way to somewhat customized furniture to ones need, few modular designs are inventive enough to allow you to do the same practically on a daily basis. TemaHome’s Domino bookcase system and the Dune family of Sofas. Inspired on TemaHome’s heritage, both family of products were created to either stand alone or work modularly. The versatility of the Domino is on its ability to be quickly moved and configured without any tools whatsoever. In the other hand, while the Dune family of Sofa is becoming known among our customers for its affordability and comfort, it can also be configured to match your space allowing to add or subtract modules as you wish. So get creative! It’s your space, have it like you want, every other day of the week.

October 21, 2009

TemaHome wins the 2009 Mobis design award

In a ceremony at the city of PORTO last Friday, the Portuguese association of furniture manufacturers awarded TemaHome with the Mobis design award. Create in 1999 the award recognizes the quality and excellence of the Portuguese furniture industry.

(In the image, the TemaHome team of internal designers. left to right: Délio Vicente, Inês Martinho, Maria João Maia, Ricardo Marçal, Nádia Soares e Flora Mendonça)