July 9, 2010

The Creation of an Icon

The “Sardinha” was recovered from ancient moulds and it samples with accuracy the sardine captured in the Portuguese coast.

A new breed and recreation of an icon of our genuine tradition.
This packaging made of rock salt is built from a hand made process based on the technique used to do the salt cheeses produced in rock salt mines of Rio Maior.

The main purpose for this packaging is to have functionality more than being a décor. You can choose to keep the piece as it is or use it - as this salt is proper to cook.

Drifting from their ordinary use we added value both to the salt and the sardine which are two important Portuguese cultural landmarks.

Packaging design by Luis Nascimento

Rock Salt Mines

The rock salt mines dated from 1977, in Rio Maior, are one of the most important references for this region. They are unique in Portugal and they are still in labour. The water becomes salty as an underground stream of freshwater crosses the deep rock salt mine.
The salt extracted from this mine is pure salt (97.94% sodium chloride).
The famous salt cheeses, designated as because of their format remembering a cheese, are typical from this region. The salt cheeses replace the common salt jars. In its place is the salt cheese in a small plate which is scraped producing small pieces used to cook or season.

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