July 3, 2009

Zenith: A new breed of modular systems

Modular systems have been around for a very long time and not very often one has the opportunity to witness the birth of something really innovative. The Zenith, design by Délio Vicente brings a new perspective into this area. Made in two distinct sets that can be combine into a number of compositions, this system can be used both as a shelving system or as a true room divider thanks to its generous height.

The elements in the Zenith are arranged in a grill pattern composed by equal orthogonal spaces resulting in a good formula to organize objects. In line with the latest trends, the system distorts the conventional way in which traditional systems work and delivery a dazzling visual effect expressing a strong design identity.

From every angle you get a different view and thus, a distinct ambiance to the room. The distance between each shelving respects fixed coordinates following the M32 metric production using the Fibonacci spiral adding character to the product. Add all that to the cute acrylic color drawers and you have truly a new breed of modular systems.

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