July 5, 2009

EXIL Berlin

Berlin has a new space for design aficionados and lovers of good lifestyle. From top furniture design brands to cool, hype decoration objects, EXIL has everything to satisfied the interior designer in all of us.

Located in an impressive 6000 square meters lot featuring 2 former factories divided by a promenade, the store has many floors, each featuring a different style of home decoration.

But that's not all! What really will get you going is the combination of different elements EXIL managed to bring together in the space. A very cool restaurant, a cigar bar, a winery and...
A BEACH! No, this is not a typo! On the back, the lot ends a the margin of the Spree river and the owners brought tons of sand to make it into a beach spaces where you can sip a martini in the afternoon under the light of garden torches. Truly a treat!

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