May 6, 2008

Time will show...

So, we’re getting deeper. Deeper into the design world and deeper into the web with this new blog. This is something we had been thinking about for a while, but never came round to do it. Now we did! So let’s get into the action now...

My personal reflection after almost two years at TemaHome is that we have increasingly an excellent team, doing the right things for the long term of the company. I cannot imagine what would happen if we did not focus on design, on promoting our brand and lifestyle, on building our purchasing and quality and environmental assurance teams, on giving more and more training to all our staff, and so many other initiatives we have going on - the future of the company would be compromised.

Having said that, we need to take care of the short term and the shortcomings we still have, and confidently face this defying market. I believe we are on the right path, even if it is not easy and obvious. We are doing the right things and it will pay off for us, our customers and our partners - time will show.


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