May 16, 2008

Space‚ the first frontier.

Physical, virtual or emotional, it is one of the most valuable aspects of our daily life.
From the morning traffic jam to the enclosure of our work cubicle to the precious capacity of our computer’s hard drive, isn’t is true that everything is related to space?
The lack of it causes us to react, evolve, or adapt dimensionally in different ways. Therefore the objects and products we use need to be versatile and multifunctional.
It was a challenge to develop a modular system where the space available could be adapted to meet the end user’s needs.
Consisting of interchangeable floor and wall-mounted modules, the system that was developed consists of modules that are easily adaptable to the available space, and can be customized with either a drop-down door or a generously-sized drawer.
For the wall, a single module can be mounted either horizontally or vertically and used in opposite ways by either applying a drop-down door or a pull-up one.
On the floor, modules can be placed side by side according to the user’s desire, creating a system where the thick exposed base, available in natural walnut veneer or in lacquered high gloss black or white, serves as a strong identifying element.
Different compositions can be made, maintaining the same minimal visual aspect, with the door and drawers providing both versatility and function.
For me, the flexibility and functionality of the Prairie system means that it does not have to be confined to just the living room area.
It’s up to the end user to reveal its full potential component by component, creating a unique set.
We are currently developing new modules and components for this system, such as smoked-glass or fabric doors for AV/Hi Fi equipment, which we are planning to add soon.
So stay tuned, as this is just the beginning!

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