August 11, 2009

New Sotheby's Lisbon Office

Nested among one of the most impressive neighborhoods in Lisbon, the Four Season Hotel Ritz is a haven for discriminating people visiting the city. The hotel, located adjacent to Eduardo VII Park, it reflects the nobility and charm of historic Portugal. Along its many amenities, the hotel features a retail space with carefully selected partners offering the very best the country has to offer. That's the setting of the new Sotheby's International Realty offices.

Sotheby's is a worldwide synonymous of luxury properties. In line with their image, TemaHome was selected to furnish the new location. With an atmosphere that inspire fine living, the result was beyond expectations and reflects both TemaHome and Sotheby's mission of providing the best available options for clients to achieve the ultimate sacred location: their perfect home!


nicolette said...

So this is a hotel design? It is totally different from the usual design of a hotel. Seems like a somewhat upscale apartment building.


Who's Fabietto said...

the pictures are actually from the new Sotheby's office located at the hotel's gallery. I think it's cool that you think they look like an upscale apartment building! :)

Blake said...

The new Lisbon office is simply amazing! What captured my attention is the long brown stairs. It's definitely a great addition to the aesthetic of the room. I've been meaning to redecorate my office at home, but since I'm always out, I rent office spaces to coordinate with my team at least every week. Our conference is usual held in one of meeting rooms Washington DC. Certainly, renting an office space is convenient for people who are always traveling. Thanks for sharing.