October 22, 2008

What were you doing in 1981?

The year was 1981 when the world watch Lady Dis "I do" to Prince Charles, the first Indiana Jones movie hit the big screen and MTV went on air for its very first broadcast to change an entire generation. That was also the year Norwegians and Portuguese came together to found the "Portuguese Norema", the marriage of Scandinavian technology and Iberian efficiency.
From that point on, the company produced furniture to some of the largest retailers in the world becoming an industrial reference as the largest exporter of furniture in Portugal.

In 2006, under the control of an all-Portuguese management and ownership, the TemaHome concept was born. The slogan "Living your dreams" was established to express our desire to provide our customers with a differentiated lifestyle as unique as you are. At that point TemaHome turned to the creative mind of renowned Portuguese designer Filipe Alarcão, to lead a handpicked group of young designers into the creation of design-oriented collections.

Today TemaHome offers three distinctive lines of products ranging from everyday modern solutions on the Essence collection, through the refined detail oriented Style collection to the exclusive designs of the Trends collection. From large retail stores to the most discriminating of the fashion design boutique, our products can be found in over 1300 shops in some 40 Countries around the globe.

We cater to the individual who enjoys even the smallest details in life and is not afraid to create living spaces reflecting that personality. Our designers concentrated in undeniable fact people and their needs are different are therefore deliver products with a freedom of concept and possibilities not found in many aspects of everyday life.

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